Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pretty Colors

I feel very melodramatic trying to describe colors. Oh! It's blue! It's...shiny.
Since blue is the tint given to the sky and the sea, it might be fair to say that blue is the color of depth. Even shadows have a blue-ish tint to them, most of the time. If we're using the emotional approach, I suppose that blue wouldn't be the color of heartbreak, whatever people (and a hundred years of Blues music) telll you; blue is much closer to the feeling you have when you can't get out of bed in the morning because you know, without a doubt, that nothing good is going to result from doing so.
Green is a fun one and I don't know why nobody's spoken about it yet. Green is being mellow! Sort of like depressed-blue but with the little yellow-pink of being happy about being lazy thrown in. It's not getting out of bed because it's summer, not because you're miserable. Green is awesome in this regard.
Also, I'm not quite sure I get all this this "black is bad and white is good" stuff. White is completely flat. It's the burst of light behind your eyes when you break a bone, it's flat and two dimensional, it almost never appears in nature and when it does--in snow--well, remember that people freeze to death. White's shallow and scary. Black, like blue, is a much deeper color. It implies less that absence of light and more the presence of it elsewhere. Everybody, indiscriminately, can see black, even if it's just the back of their eyelids. And that's my bit for those two.
So that's what I have for now...OH THE DRAMA...


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