Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Glass Blowing

At the glass-blowing studio we witnessed several students' near-death experiences as they apparently felt Herschel was not responsible enough to be given molten glass. For the record, I was not one of these students; I just really wanted the piece of scrap blue-green glass on the floor that apparently could have BURNT MY HANDS OFF had I touched it. I love shiny objects; it might have been worth the sacrifice. I still want it.
Anyway, we saw many awesome things, including what glass looks like as it is patterned and dyed. We also saw a demo of how teamwork is required to turn the glass into a vase. The furnaces reminded me of Phoenix in the summertime--I'm not even kidding. Natalie needed a lot of bandaids for some reason or another.

For the party, I am bringing AWESOME STUFF. For example, pudding.


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