Thursday, August 03, 2006

Favorite Artists

The 2 artists I never heard of that I liked were joos van Cleve and Albert Bierstadt...I liked Joos van Cleve's "Saint Jerome in his Study" because of the extreme detail and the odd choice of items in the room and it didn't seem in place in the room full of religious artworks...I liked Albert Bierstadt's "Rocky Mountains" for the fact that it was dedicated to a frind of his who died on the expedition where he went to the Rocky Mountains...The painting also has realy nice lighting effects and it showed the wilderness as it actually is...My favorite piece in the museum is "Sea View : Ship in a Squall" by Washington Allston...I liked it because it was unfinished and done in a not so common median (white chalk on brown canvas)....I can't get the picture to post...But it was a ship out in the sea during a storm


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