Thursday, August 03, 2006

Assignment 2

The artist that most caught my attention was Joachim Wtewael. Specifically, his painting called 'A Shepherd'. It's a portrait of a man (i'll assume he's a shepherd), who's cradling a bagpipe in his arms. The expression on his face is kind of interesting. He looks smug, and slightly mischievous. I suppose I'm just accustomed to seeing old oil paintings that are, albeit very beautiful, slightly boring and redundant. This painting was just much more interesting. The man was also bearded and wore a hat with three feathers fashionably poking out of it. Looking at the artwork, I wondered who he was and what had given him such a smug grin. As an aspiring illustrator, I'm always interested in the story behind the art. Anyway, I liked it. Too bad I couldn't find a picture of it online.


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