Thursday, August 03, 2006

Assignment 2

Sorry guys, I'm really not doing the first assignment simply because I'm the assistant. I will tell you this, I would use food to describe color to a blind person. Now, onto two artists that I have never heard of before, Henry Moore and George Grosz. I found both of these artists in the sketchbook exhibition. Honestly, I don't know why I put down Henry Moore, his sketchbook must've impressed me enough to dig out my pencil and write down his name on the floor guide. The other guy, George Grosz, was an amazing drawer. The sketches that were on exhibit were highly detailed pencil drawings of a mouse getting caught in a trap, somehow he managed to draw the life leaving the mouse's body. The Fogg also copied his sketchbook so people could peruse it as they walked in and out, his architecture sketches caught my eye. They were just simple line sketches of buildings and flatten roadways, some of them even reminded me of Mondrian. Although, I had never heard of either of these artists I went home and looked them up in my art books. They were there, somehow I managed to miss them over the years.


Blogger Kate said...

I remember seeing George Grosz's sketches of the mouse. My initial reaction was "how morbid". I wonder if he set the trap himself and just sat by to observe its death? But they were incredibly well done sketches, and I can see how they'd catch someone's attention.

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