Friday, August 25, 2006

DEAREST HERSCHEL LEVINE me at its bri. i need something from you. cheers

Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's all over

Bum Bum Bum...Wow class is all over and I don't thnk I'm gonna see a lot of people again...If you wanna contact me my screen name is TheRealSchwinger and my email is I'm gonna miss your class maybe I'll see you at Diablo sometime...Peace out...

P.S. sorry I couldn't help clean up the Installation...I had to go home at like 2pm

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

installation 2 part 1

installation 1 part 1

my artwork

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

red is what i feel when i hate someone so much or love someone with more of me than i can imagine. red makes me feel warm or it makes me feel like i'm burning to death from the inside out. with all the pain that comes with red, i couldn't live without it. it is the color of my blood, my dirtiest, deepest secrets, my insides, my breath and my voice. red is me.
I did like blogging and you should use it for next year


I'll bring cookies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cookies!!!!!!!!!!


I enjoyed blogging. I think it's a good way to speak our minds without sitting in a classroom, silently waiting for even one person to say something. This way, everyone talks and it's not uncomfortable for us.


yeah... um... blogging is fun... it's actually moe fun waching the videos Herschal finds while we're working on these.

BlOgGiNg... WhO ThOuGhT oF ThIs

Man blogging should be against the nosa, its kool if u rather typing wat u think instead of saying
I'LL BRING CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;-) (Naty is paying)


I don't feel that blogging was a very efficient tool this year. Regardless of that fact that it did give Herschel the chance to scream "TOPLESS CAR WASH, GUYS!" in the middle of class, very little got done elsewise. Few people posted entries longer than one or two complete sentences, and many people had problems either establishing or logging back into their accounts. If used correctly, it could be a good bonding tool for individual Issues and Images classes--for example, if we were encouraged to post in the blogs outside of class, or to share additional artwork that we enjoyed instead of just our own or what we'd seen on trips--but if it continues to be used as it was this session, it may not be a program worth continuing.

Blogging and FOOOOODD!!!

bloggin was fun... BUT I"M BRINGING DRINKS!!!! Naty is paying

glass blowing

though herschel tried to kill me with ball of magma glass, i was very impressed with the glassblowing at diablo. also im bringing in cake.


blogging was... fun. yeah.
This place is way 2 hot,ya think i would b used 2 this by now. The tutorial was kool though and i can possibly see myself making a glass


for the most part...blogging is interesting in terms of seeing what people write. i had never done blogging before Herschel's class. this is sort of random, can blogging be a form of art?

Diablo: Hot as Hell

Going 2 diablo was pretty cool. I liked the glass making. But I like bead makng because it's not as hot. OK ya the flame is hotter but the room isn't as hot. ;-)


I was sick yesterday, and I'm actually really upset that I missed going to Diablo. You should tell us these things in advance so that I can plan my sickenesses around our class scedule [just kidding! ;) ] Anywho, I've always been interested in glass blowing but never really had a good chance to check it out. God damn my crappy ammune system.

Moving on however, the PRO's and CON's of blogging. I didn't really like it. It was cool to see what other students thought and some of their art work I suppose, but just not my thing.


Seeing the demo at the glass shop was interesting because i had never watched glass-making before. It made me a little intimidated because it seemed like a lot of time and experience are necessary to create a good glass piece, especially with the heat, but it also made me think about trying out glass some time.


I thought the glass place we went to yesterday was pretty cool. It was really cool to see how glass products are shaped and formed. That guy there really knew what he was doing. But it didn't look like Herschel knew what the heck he was doing. Just kidding.

glass blowing

This was the first time I have seen glass blowing and it was awsome! You made it look like the process was really easy but it looks like it takes a lot of skill to work with glass. I would really like to try working with glass one of these days. What made you want to major in glass? I am not sure what to bring on Thursday....

Glass blowing

I really enjoyed going to Diablo, the glass blowing place but something I learned there really pissed me off. The people that worked there explained how finding a job involving glass blowing is really difficult, so you either teach people how to blow glass or you work building a piece for someone else, and that really made me mad. people would work together for weeks on an amazing piece and when their done they get no credit for any of it. Chihuly is one of these people. he'll paint a random and nondescript piece and send it to a bunch of actual glass blowers to create something from it. he gets all the money and fame, the workers get paid but no recognition. gag!

Blogging Blog

I thought that blogging was always fun because it's not really like an actual class it's just fun to do because Herschel is really radom and makes blogging fun...I'm gonna try bringing pizza on Thursday


glass making seems so fun!!! but i am a careless little girl so i think i cant do that. eventho glasses are beautiful and mysterious and pretty!! yay!! many people have many way to express their art.. and thats fun!!!!

Visit to Diablo/ walking to hell

My visit to Diablo was like going to hell. I loved seeing all the process to make glass and metals but having to walk there with shoes that bothered me was not my best experience.
I would actually love to take a class later on but next time I'll make sure that I wear comfortable shoes.
If I wrote this is because Michelle told me to.

Glass Blowing

At the glass-blowing studio we witnessed several students' near-death experiences as they apparently felt Herschel was not responsible enough to be given molten glass. For the record, I was not one of these students; I just really wanted the piece of scrap blue-green glass on the floor that apparently could have BURNT MY HANDS OFF had I touched it. I love shiny objects; it might have been worth the sacrifice. I still want it.
Anyway, we saw many awesome things, including what glass looks like as it is patterned and dyed. We also saw a demo of how teamwork is required to turn the glass into a vase. The furnaces reminded me of Phoenix in the summertime--I'm not even kidding. Natalie needed a lot of bandaids for some reason or another.

For the party, I am bringing AWESOME STUFF. For example, pudding.

Glass Place

I thought that the glass facility that we went to was very interesting and it made me feel hot but it was nce when we went outside...'m typing this like a 4th grader...It was fun...It was cool...Herschel shouldn't work there...I might wanna take classes there...But not with Herschel...Herschel makes me feel unsafe...I'm done

diablo glass

i thought glass blowing was very interesting.i had seen glass blowing before, but i had never really seen the whole process until yesterday. it was exciting to see a piece of glass form into something really beautiful. In addition, i also learned about the glass blower Chihuli. i had seen one of his pieces in seattle, and it was amazing.

Who knows, maybe someday i'll take a couse on glass blowing. =)


Dibalo was fun... it felt like hell b/c it was so hot.. the demonstation was cool.. the whole process and the result was interesting to see. . I think i might want to take classes there.. but i think i'll take teh flame stsuff b/c teh furnace one seems too hard andt the room is too hot and the flamed one seemed more controlled


I thought it was very interesting to watch. At first, it was hard to tell what the final product would be, but I enjoyed seeing it slowly take shape. Now, when I see glass sculptures, I think much more about the process by which it was made rather than what it has become.


Ive always thought that glass making is an awesome art. ive wanted to do it since i was five and its just as cool to me now as it was then. i think that artist dude who "makes" those ginormous installations is weird. i dont quite understand how he gets so much money for things he doesnt really create. i dont really know where to draw the line between artist/designer /maker, but i think those type of situations are wack. anyway. glass cool. glass hot.....i had a wonderful time.

Blogging / Glass Blowing

Pros: introduced to
Cons: more of a hassle than its worth.

Glass Blowing was cool.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nataly's Painting

Monday, August 07, 2006


Bert says "It smells"

a r i s a dayo-

concentric, layered, drab, meaningless, partially superfluous, ecclectic, delapidated, shabby, perfunctorily created, haphazard, stoic, taciturn, boring, sprawling, dingy, not evocative, forced

a drawing by kate?


assignment 3

Chaos, chairs, tables, big, stacked, pins, string, stools, free, interesting, no limits, tall, board, fan, water, pencil, a wonder, wood, metal and unforgetable.


Though at the time, a work in progress, this is a rough example of some of my work in sculpture.

Cardboard Samuria


Olivia and Kayla'snaked men and cicles

Assignment #3

Circles, plates, random, life, creative, strategy, united, group, imagination, apples, planets, universe, 7 circles of hell, circle of life, old people, pizzas, oreos, rings, core, pennies.

20 Words About Fridays Instilation...

  1. Circular
  2. Symmetrical
  3. Alive
  4. Bold
  5. Thoughtful
  6. Themed
  7. Kickin
  8. Ambitious
  9. Satisfying
  10. Round
  11. Resourceful
  12. Coinage
  13. Shadows
  14. Dusty
  15. Interesting
  16. Better
  17. Peak
  18. Brak
  19. Artastic
  20. Surounding

Assignment 3

3 dimentional
good use of materials

20 beautiful words

chairs, spiral, circle, pins, twist, bored, small, pattern, chalk, open, free, vicarious, parabola, 360, 3.14159265, pi, math, stuffinaroom.


assignment,sick(good),dope,boo boons(inside joke),hot,
ill,tiring 2 clean,hoping,balanced

instalation art

outside of the box
pulling out all the stops
all over the place
takes up space
surprising outcome
separate pieces

assignment 3

round, neat, infinite, tall, walled, circular, quiet, big, structured, themed, gray, blue, white, leaning, wide, balanced, large, level, long, dimensional
  1. Circles
  2. Infinity
  3. Tables
  4. Chairs
  5. stools
  6. pennies
  7. plates
  8. cents
  9. big hole
  10. holes
  11. hand cuffs
  12. chains
  13. darkness
  14. Seven Circles of Hell!!!!!!
  15. life
  16. happiness
  17. getting old
  18. begining
  19. dieing
  20. Life cycles


circles, pennies, chairs, tables, teamwork, idea, room, thumbtacks, tape, stool, chain, lamp, random, pieces making up the whole, time limit. These words describe our second instalation.

asignment 3

it was... "circle"/ stacking chair / circle table / class room / chalk / pins / non-sense / team work / big / no team work / class mates / kurukuru / chain / young / art? / tree / ha? / detail / abstract / modern / etc...



Assignment 3

1. Centered
2. Circular
3. Orbited
4. Metallic (well, primarily)
5. Focused
6. Improvised
8. Collaboration
9. Unbalanced
10. Puzzling
11. Hemispheres
12. Cyclical
13. Cylindrical
14. Rounded
15. Gray
16. Unlit
17. Commentary
18. Unanimated
19. Unexplained
20. Mysterious

Installation 8/4

~Circles~Collaboration~Tables~Brown~Grey~Dust~Disgusting~Amusing~Frustrating~Dirty~Deal~Potential~Free~Money~Pennies~ Swirls~Maybe~Better~Next~Time~

20 words ........

  1. circular
  2. round
  3. abstract
  4. eternal
  5. neverending
  6. good
  7. exciting
  8. happy
  9. uplifting
  10. seven circles of hell
  11. black
  12. grey
  13. surrounded
  14. Oreo
  15. Pizza
  16. dark
  17. chains
  18. "O"
  19. disc
  20. cd

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Assignment 2

The artist that most caught my attention was Joachim Wtewael. Specifically, his painting called 'A Shepherd'. It's a portrait of a man (i'll assume he's a shepherd), who's cradling a bagpipe in his arms. The expression on his face is kind of interesting. He looks smug, and slightly mischievous. I suppose I'm just accustomed to seeing old oil paintings that are, albeit very beautiful, slightly boring and redundant. This painting was just much more interesting. The man was also bearded and wore a hat with three feathers fashionably poking out of it. Looking at the artwork, I wondered who he was and what had given him such a smug grin. As an aspiring illustrator, I'm always interested in the story behind the art. Anyway, I liked it. Too bad I couldn't find a picture of it online.

Assignment 2

Sorry guys, I'm really not doing the first assignment simply because I'm the assistant. I will tell you this, I would use food to describe color to a blind person. Now, onto two artists that I have never heard of before, Henry Moore and George Grosz. I found both of these artists in the sketchbook exhibition. Honestly, I don't know why I put down Henry Moore, his sketchbook must've impressed me enough to dig out my pencil and write down his name on the floor guide. The other guy, George Grosz, was an amazing drawer. The sketches that were on exhibit were highly detailed pencil drawings of a mouse getting caught in a trap, somehow he managed to draw the life leaving the mouse's body. The Fogg also copied his sketchbook so people could peruse it as they walked in and out, his architecture sketches caught my eye. They were just simple line sketches of buildings and flatten roadways, some of them even reminded me of Mondrian. Although, I had never heard of either of these artists I went home and looked them up in my art books. They were there, somehow I managed to miss them over the years.

Can't see the colors

to explain some of the colors to a blind man. I would describe the bright colors of more of a warmer feeling. And the darker colors as a cold feeling.
The two artists I didn't know were Charles Bird King and Edward Burne-Jones. I really liked the drawing of the sofa and the framed picture done by Joe Brainard. The picture in the frame was a stamp.
the artists i liked were
The Triuph of Innocence by William hHolman
Call to arms by August Rodin

Favorite Artist

My favorite artist was Franz Marc. I like how he used the colors to create bright and very colorful paintings.

Assignment 2

Two Artists that I didn't Know @ the museum were Erich Heckel and Josef Albers.
Piet Modrian had so abstract that I thought was kinda cool.

Favorite Artists

The 2 artists I never heard of that I liked were joos van Cleve and Albert Bierstadt...I liked Joos van Cleve's "Saint Jerome in his Study" because of the extreme detail and the odd choice of items in the room and it didn't seem in place in the room full of religious artworks...I liked Albert Bierstadt's "Rocky Mountains" for the fact that it was dedicated to a frind of his who died on the expedition where he went to the Rocky Mountains...The painting also has realy nice lighting effects and it showed the wilderness as it actually is...My favorite piece in the museum is "Sea View : Ship in a Squall" by Washington Allston...I liked it because it was unfinished and done in a not so common median (white chalk on brown canvas)....I can't get the picture to post...But it was a ship out in the sea during a storm

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Pretty cool interpersonal interaction in this piece.
Two Artists:
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (Studies for the Martyrdom of Saint Symphorium). Cool interpersonal interactions and sorta haunting theme overall and such and so forth.
Thomas Sully (Portrait of John Lucas Hammond). Very lifelike, but sort of ethereal portait.

Also, Sol Lewitt's Location of a Line was awesome. It was almost really mathematical but then it totally wasn't and it was cool.


Color is a quality that all things have. It is how the eye percieves light that is reflected or absorbed by the object. Orange is the color of pumkins, carrots, autumn leaves, and oranges. Orange is a warm color and it is made when red and yellow are mixed together.

Fogg museum - assignment 2

Jules Olitski (Russian, 1922) and Henry Fantin-Latour (French, 1836-1904) were two artists I had never heard of before.
My favorite piece at the museum was an abstract piece by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.

Blind People can't read this...

Many colors can be described through textures or sensations, and the feelings that they evoke. Such as red; a flame or the feel of a fearce fire. Blue; the smooth liquid texture of ice or the cool winter breeze against your face. Yellow; the warm heat of the sun beating down on your face. And so on for the other remaining colors.
the way i would do the assignment would be to copy the way i saw it in a movie called MASK, not THE MASK. The main character boils a rock and hands it to the blind person while its still hot and says this is red. He freezes another rock for blue, hands her mud for brown, so on, so on.

colors assignment/two artists

if i were to describe colors to a blind person, it would go something like this:

red- a rich color, cheerful yet intense
blue- has the mystery and coolness of the ocean
green- the color of grass and leaves. it expresses nature
purple- rich, royal color. expresses strength, and wisdom
white- has the purity of fresh snow.

Oksar Schlemmer and paula modersohn-Becker were artists i had never heard of before.

Favorite Artist

Artist : Albert Oehlen
Title: Truth Lies at Home,
Year: 1984.
Medium: Oil and mirror on canvas

Artist: Enrich Heckel
Title:Convalescence of a woman
Year: 1912-13

ARtist: Georg Herold
Title: Genetic Intervent into Mrs. Herold's Genetic Makeup <= i can't read my handwriting so this may or maynot be the title


If someone didn't have the ability to actually see the colors, I'd describe them based on the feelings and sounds that accompany them in my mind. For instance, red is loud and hot. It makes me think of a trumpet ringing in my ears...or something. Then there are the cool, quiet colors like blue or purple. There's also green, which is lively and fresh. They may not be able to fully imagine the color exactly, but they'd be able to understand it better and the way it makes a person feel.

Describing Colors

If I had to describe a color to a blind person.
I describe it sort of like this-----
The Color Blue is as tasteful <----
as a blueberry. As cool as a windbreeze.
Yet as sad as the Blues.
And as serene as ocean waves.

Pretty Colors

I feel very melodramatic trying to describe colors. Oh! It's blue! It's...shiny.
Since blue is the tint given to the sky and the sea, it might be fair to say that blue is the color of depth. Even shadows have a blue-ish tint to them, most of the time. If we're using the emotional approach, I suppose that blue wouldn't be the color of heartbreak, whatever people (and a hundred years of Blues music) telll you; blue is much closer to the feeling you have when you can't get out of bed in the morning because you know, without a doubt, that nothing good is going to result from doing so.
Green is a fun one and I don't know why nobody's spoken about it yet. Green is being mellow! Sort of like depressed-blue but with the little yellow-pink of being happy about being lazy thrown in. It's not getting out of bed because it's summer, not because you're miserable. Green is awesome in this regard.
Also, I'm not quite sure I get all this this "black is bad and white is good" stuff. White is completely flat. It's the burst of light behind your eyes when you break a bone, it's flat and two dimensional, it almost never appears in nature and when it does--in snow--well, remember that people freeze to death. White's shallow and scary. Black, like blue, is a much deeper color. It implies less that absence of light and more the presence of it elsewhere. Everybody, indiscriminately, can see black, even if it's just the back of their eyelids. And that's my bit for those two.
So that's what I have for now...OH THE DRAMA...

Color Assignment

Red is the color of anger. Red is the feeling of the sun shinning directly on your skin. Red is the taste of a bell pepper. Blue is the smell of the ocean. Blue is the sound of a waterfall.

describing colors

i would describe colors to a blind person using the moods or objects associated with them, such as: red with heat and passion; green with serenity and moss; blue with calmness and the day sky.

discribing colors

how do i discribe "blue" to blind people in English?

blue... is the color of sky! sky has the only color blue... theres no real blue food, animals, or anything. i think.

well... then red?

red is the color of...

i will not tell them because it is sad. even i describe it, they will never see it (;_;)

Assignment 1

If I was to describe the color orange to a blind person I would tell the person to think about the sun, the warm feeling when the rays reach his face and make him feel likea warm blanket is on his face. I would tell him to think of Hawaii or Florida and the beach.

describing colors - Assignment 1

REd is hot and is the color of anger
Blue is calm and cold.
Purple is dark and mysterious
Green is fresh.
Orange is firey
White is pure and light
Black is dark

Describing Colors: Blind people and the color Red

Colors are super hard to explain...and I SURE don't think a blind person will ever REALLY be able to understand what color is, but we can try, can't we?!
For instance, the color red can represent a ginormous amount of emotions! Like some people feel that red is soooo passionate and some people feel that red is sooooo intense but like pretty much i would tell a blind person that like, to like, picture an emotion that like, makes you feel really like, strongly and that will kind of give you a sense of red.

Also i think it might help a little bit to compare things to one another, for example saying that the color of blood and the color of fire is the same might help to have a bit of a sense of relating things.

scribing colours: A Note to Bind People

Colours are unexplainable. I could not explain what red is, nor blue, or the diffference between them. Red is passion and rage, red is the colour of an apple, the setting sun. But seeing as a blind person has never seen the sun, never visualized the colour of apples, i cannot explain. either that or i myself do not possess the appropriate understanding or words to explain. either way, i cant. if your blind, your blind, and I, Bri Leue am not the person to come to if you want to know about red.


Oh Em Gee, Herschel this class is amazing but I don't like blogging so we shouldn't do this anymore...As for describing a color to a blind person I don't exactly know how to do that....Maybe for red you should say really hot...But without the pain...And for blue you could say really cold...But without the numbing sensation...Anyways that's as far as I got...If I said anymore to the blind person they would feel bad because I would be all like Hey it's so pretty and they would just cry...I'm out...